Why I am suddenly blogging…

Ahem.. is this thing on?

Pardon my newbie-ness. I am new at blogging and other social media. Until now, I have made it my policy to keep my personal life personal, though these days, that is peculiar behavior.  I just couldn’t imagine what could be so interesting about me that anyone would care to read it, let alone have 24/7 access. I’ve come to understand that on the internet, unlike old forms of mass media, you don’t need to be a celebrity in order to participate. Look at Youtube. It is the ultimate democratization of media. Anything and everything, no matter how mundane, can be posted… and what does have mass appeal will get views.

I doubt my blog is going viral. But that isn’t the point. Even though most youtube channels don’t get watched a billion times, they are all presumably relevant to someone.  I don’t need to be seen by the entire planet. Just by the few people who are looking for me. I decided that, if you did seek me out, you should find me… the actual me, not some misinformation or scam site offering info on me for a price. There are people that I need to make connections with, for personal and professional aims, and it is high time I make myself a little more accessible.

So, if you are reading this, thanks, and please be just a little patient as I find my voice. I’m just glad to finally be speaking up.


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